Measure your progress with Advanced Analytics

As a competitive Rocket League player, every move counts, and so does every data point. Gamerpad’s Advanced Analytics isn’t just about numbers but your journey to becoming a Rocket League legend. Be inspired by your growth, and transform data into victory.

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Peak Performance

Play when you're at your best

Winrate Analysis
Discover the days and times you're most likely to win. Tailor your gaming schedule to your peak performance periods.

Activity Heatmaps
Visualize your most successful gaming hours and plan your sessions strategically.

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Skill Progression

Sharpen your edge

In-depth Comparisons
Measure your skills against your opponents. See where you excel and where the gaps lie.

Comprehensive Stats
From possession and pass accuracy to goal participation, every aspect of your game is dissected for mastery.

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Playstyle Analysis

Understand your unique approach

Game Mode Metrics
See your impact in each game mode with detailed stats on goals, saves, and assists.

Team Dynamics
Understand your role in the team and how your playstyle contributes to every win.

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Track your journey

Key Performance Indicators

Progression Tracking
Dive into your recent sessions, and see how far you've come. Every match tells a story of your evolving playstyle.

Session Summaries
Get a comprehensive view of your matches, analyzing your strengths and areas for improvement.

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Ready to Level Up?
Start your journey to the top.

Competitive gaming isn’t just about playing; it’s about understanding your play and evolving. With Gamerpad’s Advanced Analytics, you’re not just playing Rocket League; you’re mastering it.

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